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Plush Affairs Captures the Essence of Shubham and Khushboo's Destination Wedding at Fateh Villas, Udaipur

Against the backdrop of the majestic Aravalli hills and the tranquil waters of Fateh Sagar Lake, every frame painted a picture of timeless romance and grandeur. Celebrating Khushboo and Shubham's wedding at Fateh Villas Udaipur was an absolute delight. It was an honor to witness their special day and be part of their beautiful story. Congratulations once again to our happy couple!

On the wedding day, as the sunbathed the venue in its golden hues, Shubham and Khushboo exchanged vows in a ceremony straight out of a fairy tale. Plush Affairs danced effortlessly between the rituals, capturing stolen glances, tender embraces, and the unspoken promises of forever.

ere's to Khushboo and Shubham, may their love continue to grow and flourish with each passing day. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and adventure together!

Photographers: Plush Affairs

Venue - Fateh Villas, Udaipur, Rajasthan


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