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Trishla & Karan's Rainy Wedding Tales - Hyderabad

Welcome to the enchanting tale of Trishla and Karan's wedding extravaganza! Set amidst the vibrant cityscape of Hyderabad, their big fat Indian wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale come to life. Picture this: as Trishla made her grand entrance, adorned in resplendent attire, a sudden downpour blessed the occasion. But did that dampen her spirits? Not one bit! With a playful defiance of the rain gods, Trishla gracefully continued her procession, escorted by a colorful array of umbrellas. It was a moment of sheer magic, captured through our lenses as we witnessed love conquering even the elements. Join us on this joyous journey as we unfold the captivating moments of Trishla and Karan's union, where every snapshot is a testament to the beauty of love, laughter, and happily ever afters. Let's dive in and relive the magic together!

Photographer- Plush Affairs


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