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Grab a pair of shoes, tuck the suit buttons, its wedding time. If you want to tell stories about the fun you had at your wedding, Plush Affairs is the place for you. Covering the smiles, the love, the tears, the excitement is what we do at weddings. Plush Affairs is a wedding photography firm established in August 2014 by two engineers.


The vision of Plush Affairs is to create eternal memories for the end users while covering the commotion, ebullience and joviality of their weddings. 

Happily ever after starts here.

Our Clients Love us

We've watched our wedding film innumerable times and we still can't get enough. If at all reliving means anything ..This is it. It is divine, it is beautiful, it's graceful, ... It's just how I would like it to be.
The more I watch it the more I feel the core of it. ❤️ It's all love. There isn't a family member who didn't feel nostalgic after having watched it. Everytime I watch the video it opens up doors to do many wonderful memories. I loved having your team on my wedding. I must have said it before but I won't shy saying it again. You have such talented & hard working people on your team its just wonderful. I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you so much ✨✨ this is great. It has actually made my day.

—  Sunanda & Rakesh, Indore 

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