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Grab a pair of shoes, tuck the suit buttons, its wedding time. If you want to tell stories about the fun you had at your wedding, Plush Affairs is the place for you. Covering the smiles, the love, the tears, the excitement is what we do at weddings. Plush Affairs is a wedding photography firm established in August 2014 by two engineers.


The vision of Plush Affairs is to create eternal memories for the end users while covering the commotion, ebullience and joviality of their weddings. 

Our Clients Love us


We are very happy to have Plush Affairs capturing our wedding😊

Our entire family is in love with the pictures, so beautifully Plush affairs team has managed to capture all the moments is commendable.

I am sure everytime I am seeing these pictures or the film it will take me back to that very moment.. ☺️☺️

Kudos to Plush Affairs for having a fantastic and professional team.


Rohini Samadhiya

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